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Holistic ways to fix bow legs

Bow legs are a condition that is naturally seen in all babies due to the vast amount of time a child spends crouched within a mother's womb, without any ability to move or exercise. As soon as the child is born, the bones of the legs begin to automatically straighten up and by the age of around 3 or even less you should see absolutely no signs of a child's legs being bow-shaped. However, in certain cases, either due to a genetic disorder or a dietary deficiency or various other factors, a child fails to outgrow this condition. Even past the age of 3 years, such children continue to walk bow-legged and exhibit difficulty while walking.

In such cases, it becomes very important to use methods of treatment that could improve the condition and at least prevent it from worsening. Exercising, using certain medical braces, and surgical intervention are some of the commonly used methods to treat bow legs. And here's where we will discuss how these treatment methods work and how to make the best of them while trying to cope with bow legs.

Time to brace yourself
Bow legs are best treated in the early years, when the body and its bones are still in development. This is especially true if one is considering the use of medical braces, shoes or casts to physically straighten bow legs. Of course, there are also similar devices for adults that are specialized in reducing joint pain and other agonizing symptoms of bow legs, These devices can be very useful in providing that much-needed support for physical activity and exercise while performing daily routines.

Going under the knife
For many sufferers from bow legs, this is an option that they would prefer to avoid. And for good reason. It is an unnatural and positively dangerous method of correcting bow legs... consider the dangers from infection alone. People are usually more willing to first try all the non-surgical interventions available before opting for surgery. And holistic cures such a nutritional supplements and exercise are really preferable. However, in certain serious cases that have been left unattended for a long time, surgery becomes critically important to correcting bow legs. This type of surgical operation is also called osteotomy. This method involves first determining the point at which the limb attains proper alignment, and then realigning the knee and ankle joints along the same plane.

Physical exercise!
What other methods of treatment may fail to achieve, exercising takes care of quite easily. This is the ultimate holistic cure for bow legs There a special exercises that specifically target balance, posture, and core strength, all of which are key to facilitating the straightening of bowed legs. Since bow legs inhibit one from using their legs as they are meant to, this condition can also lead to the weakening of joints and muscles necessary for proper movement. As a result, a person tends to enter a vicious circle of the muscles failing and the condition getting worse. And that's the reason why regular physical exercises such as calf raises and squats can prove vital in improving and straightening bow legs.

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